Hi, I’m Dr. Wesley Randall, Dean of New College at the University of North Texas.

Here at New College, our mission is as much about the faculty who teach here as it is about the students who come to learn. Through our Project-Based Learning methods, our educators engage with you on a new level, giving you real-world experiences that translate into a successful, fulfilling career. Our faculty have the experience to help guide your learning through practical application.

Practicing what you learn is more important to us than simply learning from a book or lecture. It is essential in today’s job market that you can relate to people, work well within a team, and apply what you have learned so that, as a graduate of UNT New College, you are sought out by hiring managers.

When you join our Mean Green Family, we begin a partnership together of mutual respect around your desire to learn and our desire to prepare you for your career.

Thank you for your interest in University of North Texas at our new campus locations.

Our Mission

To continuously provide opportunities for students to gain the skills that employers desire — not only by learning about them in textbooks or discussions, but also engaging in them directly through problem-based and project-based learning opportunities. Our courses and programs use case studies, real-world problems and projects to offer a genuine context as an integral part of learning. Our educational approach follows these four values:

  • Collaboration: We work across traditional boundaries, within and across the university AND with partners in the public and private sectors.
  • Community: We invest in public interest practices that prioritize ecological, social, and economic benefits for all.
  • Innovation: We reimagine and co-create the modern role of academia by encouraging professional confidence and mindfulness. We foster creative and promising futures for faculty, staff, students, and the communities they engage with.
  • Authentic Learning Experiences: We identify and craft learning experiences that combine liberal arts, data analysis, and design principles within the context of problems and projects that build professional skills that will get you hired.


Academic Advising